Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series

Translating Science into Medicine
A future informed by the lessons of COVID

We are entering the second year of the pandemic, yet there are still many unknowns about COVID-19. For example, it is still unclear why it causes a mild reaction in one person compared to a life-threatening response in another. SCORE-UW has built upon years of research to understand patients’ responses to the coronavirus and other infectious diseases and to translate novel science into medicine for better treatment and improved outcomes.

Join us for this unique webinar and hear from some of the nation’s top scientific and medical researchers that were among the first to study and treat COVID-19 patients in the US.

About SCORE 

As part of the University of Washington (UW), the Sepsis Center of Research Excellence (SCORE) is a new collaborative medical research center focused on translational research in sepsis and critical illness. A global collaboration between a network of hospitals, industry, blood banks, universities and funding partners, SCORE-UW’s mission is to improve clinical outcomes globally in critically ill sepsis patients by discovering and advancing sepsis-related science, therapeutics, and medical technologies through shared bioinformatics-based translational science. SCORE seeks to improve adult and pediatric patient outcomes by focusing on the patient response. By focusing on the patient response, SCORE will better be able to translate why the same pathogen causes a mild reaction in one person compared to a life-threatening response in another.

About our Speakers

Dr. Conrad LilesDr. Conrad Liles
  • Dr. Liles earned his M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington, and is board certified in both Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine.

  • In addition to being Director of SCORE, Dr. Liles is Associate Chair, Department of Medicine and holds positions at UW in Global Health, Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, and Pharmacology. He also serves as the founding co-director of the Molecular Medicine and Mechanisms of Disease (M3D) Graduate Program.

  • His research interests focus on the role of dysregulated host responses in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases of public health importance. A guiding principle of his research program is rapid translation of experimental insights and advances gained in the laboratory to the clinical bedside.

  • In his free time, Dr. Liles enjoys hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.

Dr. Craig Smith_SCOREDr. Craig Smith
  • Dr. Smith earned his M.D. from the University of Washington and is a fellowship-trained neuro-ophthalmologist with residency training in Medicine, Neurology and Ophthalmology.

  • Dr. Smith is Co-Director at SCORE, responsible for collaborations and fund raising, and holds an Affiliate Professor position at the University of Washington.

  • His research interests focus on the technologic interface with health issues, and he has therapeutic drug and eHealth product development experience from his time with Genentech and Novartis. In addition, Dr. Smith recently served as a Senior Advisor/Consultant with the Gates Foundation working with surveillance teams to incorporate technology paradigms into bio-surveillance and healthcare provisioning.

  • In his free time, Dr. Smith serves on the Board of Directors at Nature Bridge and enjoys hiking and competitive Master’s rowing.

Dr. Mark WurfelDr. Mark Wurfel
  • Dr. Wurfel earned his M.D. from Cornell and his Ph.D. from Rockefeller University in New York, and is board certified in both Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine.

  • At SCORE, he leads Translational Critical Care Research, and is also UW’s David J. Pierson, M.D., Endowed Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and a UW professor of Medicine/Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine.

  • In his approach to patients, Dr. Wurfel makes every effort to tailor his evaluation and management plan to each individual. He feels strongly that advanced technology is no substitute for communication, collaboration and understanding.

  • His research interests focus on patient factors leading to increased risk for organ failure during critical illness, and he studies genetic factors that alter patients' risk of lung and kidney failure in intensive care.

  • In his free time Dr. Wurfel enjoys care of the underserved, trail running, skiing and time with his family.

Dr. Pavan BhatrajuDr. Pavan Bhatraju
  • Pavan Bhatraju earned his M.D. from the University of Louisville and is a board-certified pulmonary and critical care physician and a UW Assistant Professor of Medicine.

  • Dr. Bhatraju leads SCORE bioinformatics efforts, and his research interests include studying the genetic and clinical risks for the development of acute kidney injury and sepsis in the intensive care unit.

  • He strives to make every effort to tailor his evaluation and management plan to each individual. He thinks it is critical to involve patients and their loved ones as part of the care team.

  • Dr. Bhatraju cares for patients at Harborview Medical Center, and values working with an interdisciplinary team of experts that are dedicated to serving medically vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, under-insured, low-income and patients experiencing homelessness.

  • In his free time, Dr. Bhatraju enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, reading, and enjoying the Pacific NW.

Dr. Grant OKeefeDr. Grant O'Keefe
  • Dr. O’Keefe earned his M.D. degree from the University of Alberta and his MPH degree from the University of Washington. He did additional training in cell biology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical center. He is board certified in Surgery and Surgical Critical Care.

  • Dr. O’Keefe is a Professor of Surgery and has been at the University of Washington since 2002. He is a general surgeon and surgical intensivist who provides care to critically ill surgical patients and injury victims.

  • His research interests focus on the biologic response to injury and how to use nutritional interventions to improve recovery after injuries and critical illness.

  • Away from his work at Harborview, Dr. O’Keefe spends time in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and works with NGOs to improve surgical and trauma care in the Palestinian territories.