Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series

A Family Guide to COVID

Questions & Answers for Parents, Grandparents & Children

Join us for a conversation with Dr. William Haseltine to talk about Covid-19 treatments, vaccines, assessing your risk of getting infected, and how we can make sure our children, teachers and families are safe as school reopen.

Speaker Biography

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William A. Haseltine PhD
Scientist, Businessman, Author and Philanthropist

William A. Haseltine PhD is a scientist, businessman, author and philanthropist. He was a professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health from 1976-1993 where he was Founder and Chair of two academic research departments, the Division of Biochemical Pharmacology and the Division of Human Retrovirology. He is well known for his pioneering work on cancer, HIV/AIDS, and genomics. He has authored more than 200 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals.

He is a pioneer in biotechnology having founded more than a dozen biotechnology companies in fields ranging from development of cutting edge pharmaceuticals to new materials and fuels. He is the Founder of Human Genome Sciences, Inc. and served as the Chairman and CEO of the company for twelve years.  Eight pharmaceutical products from companies he founded are currently approved by U.S. and international regulatory agencies.

William is currently Chair and President of ACCESS Health International, Inc., a Foundation active in the United States, India, China, Singapore, and the Philippines (www.accessh.org). He is also Chairman of the Haseltine Foundation for Science and the Arts.

William’s work has been driven by his deep appreciation of the human condition and been inspired by the great works of art, architecture, music, and literature that illuminate the essence of human existence. He is a supporter of many of the great cultural institutions of today, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Opera, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the IE University, Madrid, a Lifetime Governor of the New York Academy of Sciences, a Trustee of the New York Academy of Medicine, and a member the board of the Lee Berger Trust for Paleoanthropology, South Africa. He is a trustee of the Brookings Institution, a member of the advisory council on Creativity and Innovation of the NYU-Shanghai University, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is the Chairman of the US-China Health Summit.

Dr. Haseltine's recent books related to COVID-19

Get a copy here.

Dr. Haseltine’s other recent books include:

  • Stay Young Navigators: The Pursuit of Active Aging and Seniors Caring for Seniors..
  • Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare Story. 
  • Voices in Dementia Care: Reimagining the Culture of Care. 
  • Aging Well: Solutions to the Most Pressing Global Health Challenges of Aging 
  • World Class: A Story of Adversity, Transformation, and Success at NYU Langone Health. 
  • Every Second Counts: Saving Lives with India’s Emergency Response System. 
  • Aging with Dignity: Innovation and Challenge is Sweden-The Voice of Care Professionals. 


The conversation will be moderated by Tiedemann Advisors' Managing Director
Robert Hormats.