Tiedemann Advisors Speaker Series

The Science and Timeline of Vaccine and Treatment Development

We sat down with Dr. Carlos Paya MD, PhD, Former Mayo Clinic Professor of Medicine and Immunology to discuss COVID-19.


Speaker Biography

Carlos Paya

Dr. Carlos Paya, MD, PhD
+ Former Mayo Clinic Professor of Medicine and Immunology
+ Pharma/Biotech Executive working on the research of new therapies for Infectious and Immune-mediated Diseases
+ Sits on the Board of several companies that are working on COVID-19 initiatives.

Dr. Paya is a former Mayo Clinic professor of Medicine and Immunology where he headed research groups focused on virology and immunology leading to new diagnostic tests and the application of novel drugs to control viruses and enhance the immune response against them.

At Eli Lilly, he held various executive roles managing infectious diseases, immunology and inflammation research that led to the development of new treatments. Dr. Paya then led two successful biotech companies, Elan and Immune Design where he spearheaded the successful commercial launch of a number innovative new therapies and the development of new forms of immunotherapy.

He currently serves on the Board of three biotech companies that are doing important COVID-19 research.

Read Dr. Paya's impressive CV here. 


Dr. Paya was interviewed by Erik Christoffersen, Managing Director at Tiedemann Advisors and Former Tech Executive.